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What is THP International?

At The Hemp Plug International, it is our mission to provide the most current information and news about the cannabis industry, while making access to high grade, trustworthy hemp products a reality.

What makes THP global service so unique compared to its competitors?

By providing the full stage of services from soil to finished product, we ensure that our products are of the highest quality, and our process is thorough and valuable. Our expert team has years of industry experience and can help you make your dream of starting and growing your international CBD business a success.

How can THP support my international business expansion?

Our team of industry specialists can help you outline your goal of branching out into the international market by defining your requirements and refining your needs, sourcing top quality ingredients, working with you to develop realistic go-to-market strategies, and marketing your CBD brand on a global level.

International Program Benefits

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Tracking and Scheduling Services

Keep track of your orders and deadlines with our organized tracking and scheduling system.

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Multiple Fulfillment Methods

Our product fulfillment solutions will work for your unique international business needs.

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Customs and Legal Support

Our team offers legal advice and customs solutions to help with issues along the way.

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Logistics Support

Our customer service team is available to help solve any logistical issues you encounter.

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Expert Advice

Our specialists have the industry knowledge to provide helpful guidance and feedback.

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Online Management System

Stay on top of each step of the process with full online access at your fingertips.