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Host: Adam Levy
CEO, The Hemp Plug

Oct 21, 2020

 | 11:00am EST

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See how white labeling services can help you build your brand in record time, and with fewer headaches, using the largest inventory of CBD products in the industry.

Learn about:

Key Factors Driving CBD Market Growth:

  • Hottest products on the market.
  • Markets, sub-markets and trends surrounding CBD products.
  • Current state of the industry.

White Label Benefits and Solutions:

  • How to reduce your go-to-market time by 90%.
  • Simple strategies to improve your product launch.
  • Managing your entire brand launch process with THP.

Hosted by world-class CBD business expert:

Adam entered the CBD world in 2013, as the CEO and General Manager of a Colorado dispensary. He later joined The Hemp Plug as a head grower and chief of sales. Since then, he has been a key player in operations, using his experience and expertise to continue to drive THP's goals of helping CBD brands grow to their full potential.

Ready to learn more?
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Ready to learn more?
Join the free webinar.