Free Monthly Webinar: Learn From a CEO How to Start a CBD Business

Posted on July 31, 2020

Want to launch your CBD business, but need help getting started?

Learn from THP CEO, Adam Levy 

Join us for our free live webinar, held monthly, (click here to reserve your seat) with THP CEO Adam Levy, where you’ll learn all about the CBD industry and how to launch your brand faster, and easier than ever.

Every month, Adam will bring his years of experience and expertise to the table, highlighting the key factors driving the CBD market, the current state of the CBD industry, and simple strategies to improve your product and/or business launch such as using turnkey white label solutions.

The CBD industry is experiencing a mass expansion, gaining popularity around not just the country, but also the world. With more states and countries legalizing the use of CBD products, and some predicting a 49 percent annual compound growth of CBD Market by 2024, the time to make your business goals a reality is now. 

Growth CBD

Whether you’re weighing out your options to find the best way to launch your brand, or you’re simply considering the possibility of entering the booming CBD industry, this free monthly webinar will give you all the details you need to get to the next step.

Learn all about the challenges associated with launching your own CBD brand and the best ways to navigate them in order to build a high quality and compliant brand in record time using the largest inventory of CBD products in the industry.

In addition to our market research-driven articles, this free monthly webinar is intended to drive THP's goals of helping CBD brands grow to their full potential.

What We’ll Cover Every Month:

Key Factors Driving CBD Market Growth:

  • Hottest products on the market.

  • Markets, sub-markets, and trends surrounding CBD products.

  • Current state of the industry.

White Label Benefits and Solutions:

  • How to reduce your go-to-market time by 90%.

  • Simple strategies to improve your product launch.

  • Managing your entire brand launch process with THP.

Don’t miss out on your chance to learn how you can take your CBD brand from concept to market in as little as two weeks. Register Now.

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