What's New to the THP Customer Platform

Posted on September 10, 2020

At THP, we understand that starting your own CBD business and becoming a CBD seller can be a challenging task. Between setting up a merchant account and deciding which method you want to take to start your business, we’re sure you have a lot on your plate.

To simplify the process for those choosing the white label CBD or private label CBD business models, we’ve made a few exciting upgrades to our customer platform and improved our user experience.

In this blog, we’ll highlight some of those upgrades, including:

  • New monthly webinar series

  • Labeling and packaging templates

  • CBD blog and newsletter

  • New Help Center with helpful How-To articles

  • 24/7 access to your account, including:

    • Placing your order online any time

    • Making payments on your order without speaking to a specialist

    • Adding/updating artwork for your products any time of day

From placing your CBD orders online to updating your artwork any time of day, partnering with THP to run your CBD business just got easier.

New Support Features

Monthly CBD Webinar Series

To help our existing and potential clients find their success in the CBD industry, we host a free live webinar with our CEO, Adam Levy, every month.


Adam will bring his years of experience and expertise to the table, highlighting the key factors driving the CBD market, the current state of the CBD industry, and simple strategies to improve your product and/or business launch.

Join us for our free live webinar, held monthly, where you’ll learn all about the CBD industry and how to launch your brand faster, and easier than ever.

Individualized Label and Packaging Artwork Templates

To help facilitate the CBD product customization process, we’ve now provided you with a new selection of free product label templates.

You can download the CBD product label templates when ordering your product from the product page.

This new offering includes individual templates for each of the 50 white label CBD products we offer, in all of their variations.

When purchasing CBD gummies, for example, you can download distinct templates for CBD watermelon slices or CBD apple rings.


The reason for this distinction is that the names of each product can vary in size, which may impact your design differently. To help you better visualize the final product, you can now see the exact specifications of each unique product variation.


We’re always happy to assist with any questions you might have. However, sometimes you may need answers during off-hours. To help you get your answers when you need them, we’ve implemented a thorough FAQ section.

Here, you’ll find answers to a wide range of questions covering topics such as orders, products, services, and more.

When seeking an answer quickly, we recommend you begin your search here.

New CBD Help Center Articles

To help you navigate all of the new features and services we’ve recently launched, we’ve also created a new dedicated Help Center.

Going beyond our standard FAQs, the Help Center will go in-depth on certain topics, explaining how to use the online product builder, update your artwork, and more.

Each article will focus on a specific topic and include step-by-step directions along with video clips to help you successfully execute your orders.

Be sure to check this section out regularly, as we will be adding new articles as needed.

As always, one of our representatives will be happy to assist you should you have any questions or concerns not addressed by the Help Center or FAQs, or simply, if you’d prefer to speak with someone.

CBD Blog

With the 2018 Farm Bill passing just two years ago and opening the doors to the CBD industry, this rapidly growing industry is still in its infancy stage.

At just 2 years old, the rules, regulations, and best practices are constantly changing. This means that it is vital for CBD business owners and entrepreneurs to constantly stay up to date on the current laws, regulations, and any changes that may arise.


Of course, it helps to partner with a knowledgeable CBD manufacturer who is dedicated to staying up to date on the pulse of the industry. However, you’ll also want to be in-the-know yourself.

To help our clients do just that, we created The CBD Plug, our CBD industry blog that covers everything you need to know about the industry, such as how to set up a merchant account, how to establish a marketing strategy for your CBD business, what to ask a bulk supplier before making an investment, and more.

The CBD Plug is updated weekly with new blog articles that you won’t want to miss.

CBD Newsletter

We now offer a biweekly newsletter designed to ensure our clients always stay in-the-know.

We recommend signing up for the newsletter, which includes the latest announcements, a recap of our featured blogs, and even valuable industry news and insights from a variety of reliable third-party sources.

This is a great option for those who may be too busy to constantly research the latest CBD happenings, as you'll get a full, unbiased breakdown delivered to your email twice a month. So you get up to date in 5 minutes or less.

Signing up for this free resource is simple! Just scroll to the bottom of this page and you'll find the newsletter bar.

Enter your email, click Sign Up, and you're all set! The newsletter goes out every other Saturday morning so you can recap the latest news over the weekend.

If you do not see the newsletter in your inbox after signing up, be sure to check your junk mail folder to ensure it's not being filtered incorrectly.

Access Your CBD Account 24/7

Your business runs on your time. And honestly, the day to day of running a business is complicated enough without being restricted to the typical 9-5.

This is why we’ve updated our platform to allow you to continue working on your white label CBD products around the clock. Stuck in meetings until 7? No problem. Simply log in to your user account whenever you’re ready to make any changes.

Place Your White Label CBD Orders Online

We value the relationships we establish with each and every one of our clients. That’s why we have improved our online CBD product builder with new features that help you build your custom CBD products and upload your artwork easily.

Build And Customize Your CBD Products

Available to those seeking white label CBD products, the online product builder allows CBD businesses to create, customize, and place their product orders online easily and quickly.

In order to use this web-based tool, simply select the base CBD white label product you want to order. Then, select your CBD strength and type, container, flavor or scent options, and add your labels. The full process takes less than five minutes, and in a few quick clicks, you’re ready to submit your order.

Submit Your CBD Order Around the Clock

Aside from the ability to customize your CBD products, the online product builder lets you place an order anytime you want. So if you didn’t get to that inventory task within working hours, there’s no need to wait for the next day. Simply build and submit your order online, on your terms. Curious to see how it all looks? Check out the process here.

Online Payments

While your white label CBD product order will not ship until full payment has been received, you can place and submit your order online or through the phone without having to make a full payment at the time of placing your order.

Traditionally, you would need to speak with your representative to update your payment method or make additional payments to complete your order.


Our new updates now allow you to access your pending orders and make any outstanding payments to your balance.

To do so, simply log into your account and follow the steps below.

1. Click on My Orders.

2. Select the order you would like to update.

3. Click on Make a Payment under the payment status on the upper right corner.

As with the rest of our online features, this allows you to ensure your process continues to run efficiently, and on your time.

Easily Upload/Update Your CBD Label and Packaging Artwork

You can now easily submit your labeling and packaging artwork and logos online during several points throughout your order process.

Initially, you’ll be able to submit your artwork while using the online product builder. Once you’ve selected all of the customizations for your product, you’ll be given the option to download our CBD product label and packaging templates (more on that below) and upload your original artwork in TIFF, PDF, EPS, and high res JPEG format.


For those seeking assistance with their artwork, we are happy to provide personalized assistance through our Build Your Own Brand offering.

This option will allow you to collaborate with a THP professional to conceptualize and develop custom branding and artwork for your brand. To select this option, click on the I need you to design my artwork button (shown below).


If you are not ready to proceed with this step, you can always complete your order and revisit this step later. To do so, simply click on the Skip this step for now button (shown above).

You can then update your files at a later time by selecting your order from your account page, clicking on Artwork under the item you’d like to edit, and uploading your new file.

For more information on updating your product label and packaging artwork, click here.

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